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Hound Training in Montana for Bobcats and Mountain Lion.
If you don't have the time or experience to train your dogs I will hunt & train your dog for Bobcats and Lion from Dec 1st to April 14th. in the snow and dry ground. Dogs will be hunted at least 2 times per week with weekly reports for the owner if so desired.

Training at the tree.

This will include trash breaking on Deer, Elk and Coyotes as well as obedience training if needed. No more then 2 dogs will be trained at any one time.

Training in snow as well as dry ground..

Your dogs will be hunted with trained dogs that know how to do it.

Will only except 4 dogs per month. Dogs will be kept in insulated Kennel which are cleaned daily in the winter months and twice daily in the other months. Will also work pups the rest of the year on Coon and scent drags, strike training off the box as well as obedience training.

Some results using dogs that I have trained.

Dogs must be in good health with health certificate.
Price is $650 per month.

Harrell's High Lonesome Blueticks
Jim Harrell
Swan Lake, MT

Phone 406-886-2008

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